The Woodbine Municipal Airport proper and its associated properties cover approximately 700 acres of the WAEDA's 1,216 acres of land located south of DeHirsch Avenue, between the Pennsylvannia-Reading Seashore Line railroad right-of-way to the west and Dennisville-Petersburg Road to the east. Dennisville-Petersburg Road provides north-south access to the Borough and Route 550 provides east-west access and links to the Garden State Parkway.

The Woodbine Municipal Airport has developed an extensive hangar complex, which will have access to a 5,000-foot runway for expanded general aviation use. A fixed base operator manages fuel and transporation-related services.

The Airport is one of only three airports within Cape May County. It has the potential to become a truly regional airport that caters to the needs of not only future business travelers but continues to serve the ever-increasing tourist market for the southern New Jersey shore. Currently, the primary function of the Airport is servicing the travel and recreation needs of aviation enthusiasts and vacation and business travelers.

The Airport is currently designated as a Primary General Aviation Airport. It employs 27 people, with a total payroll of $665,800 and gross revenue of $1,581,100. In addition, with the total tourist expenditures in Cape May County totaling more than $4 billion annually, it is clear that the Woodbine Municipal Airport has the potential to serve more passengers and serve as the entry point into Cape May County for tourists and other visitors, such as small plane owners and recreational pilots.

The Airport has positioned itself to become a premier/specialized regional airport in southern New Jersey. It fills a niche in southern New Jersey that allows it to serve aviators, businesses, and tourists alike who value a quality facility and a facility that is unique in its design and amenitities.

Upon expansion, the Airport will have restaurant facilities and services that will equal or surpass similar facilities within the region.

With the continued growth of the proposed Airport Business Park, there will be an increase in the number of corporate planes and business executives traveling to the area.





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